TRT or Testosterone Replacement Therapy MMA

TRTTRT has been in the news a lot lately. There’s a lot of fighters that have legally been approved to take Testosterone for there supposed low Testosterone they were born with. This means and its legal for this fighter to be on testosterone as long as they have a doctor slip and they are approved by the boxing commission. But there’s controversy is it cheating or not. I fought in the UFC without the help of steroids knowing that I was fighting guys that were on it. It was frustrating but I always had the feeling I didn’t need to do it to be competitive with guys that do. But I have also had friends that are taking TRT. Basically you go in to your doctor you get a test that says that you have low testosterone.

A healthy testosterone a somewhere between that a 800 and a 1000 when you are 18 years old and now as your age your testosterone naturally declines. So when you get older you’re gonna be naturally have less testosterone. So fighters are going says “oh I have low testosterone” if they have a score of 250 to 500. What they don’t tell you is that there are ways to manipulate the test to make your score show up lower or if you are past steroid user you may have altered your natural testosterone by doing the steroids. My friend went put on 20 pounds and now the guy is just so much stronger then before since he has been taking Testosterone. It is literally crazy, and it isn’t fare to other fighters if he was to be competing with them.

The thing is taking TRT isn’t going to make you into a elite fighter.

But if you are a elite fighter it definitely gives you a edge over other guys that are at the elite level also. The other way that fighters are cheating the system is by being on TRT and taking it during there training camps at a higher level say 1500 rather then stay at 1000. This would be 50% more testosterone then tapering down to the legal levels right before the fight. This allows the guy to still be benefiting from the higher level the increase in muscle mass etc…. from the time spent above the normal levels while they are fighting. Either way it isn’t a level playing field.

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