Understanding the Techniques of Muay Thai for Self Defense

Muay Thai is a form of combative skills that is said to be developed in Thailand a thousand or more years ago. This martial art is now used as a way of self defense and adventurous sports by Muay Thai enthusiasts.

Some of the techniques used by Muay Thai fighters are as follows:

Punching technique: In Thai, it is known as Chok. Chok techniques include uppercut punches, swing punches, jab punches, cross punches, hook punches, spinning punches, and cobra punches.

Elbow Strikes: Technique of using elbows while fighting is known as Ti Sok in Thai. Ti Sok techniques include horizontal elbow strike, forward elbow strike, spinning elbow strike, uppercut elbow thrust, reverse horizontal elbow thrust, elbow chop and double elbow chop strike.

Feet strikes: Muay Thai includes optimal usage of your feet to defend and to attack your enemies.

Kicking with your feet is known as Te, which includes step-up kick, roundhouse and down roundhouse kick, half shin knee kick, axe heel kick, straight kick, diagonal kick, jump kick and spinning heel kick.

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