Muay Thai for Females

Earlier, it was believed that Muay Thai has nothing for females, those were the times when females were considered weak, defenseless and dependent. However, things are changing fast enough not only for females but also for the art of Muay Thai.

Before 1932, the techniques used by Muay Thai experts were a little cruel and dangerous and the gears and equipments used by Muay Thai players were obsolete.

However, many improving rules were declared for Muay Thai fighters in 1932 and groin kicks were absolutely abandoned. Furthermore, improvement in technology allowed Muay Thai players to use better, sophisticated and safer training gears and equipments like hand gloves, kicking pads, shin guards, head gears, mouth protection masks and others.

As a result, the art of eight limbs or Muay Thai became a bit easier.

On the other hand, females also sought for freedom and better situations in society and hence, many females started taking interest in Muay Thai and other mixed martial arts. This technique of self defense offers self confidence and a way of protection for girls and women to stand alone in the world.

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