Female MMA Fighters

MMA is still in its developing period and while MMA competitions have gained a huge popularity in recent years, it is still considered as a male dominant fighting sport. However, a significant enthusiasm about female MMA fighting competition has been shown in recent years.

In Japanese mixed martial arts competitions, females began taking part in 1995 and onwards. Initially, female fighters opted for professional wrestling and kickboxing tournaments. Gradually, they started training themselves to use Muay Thai and Judo fighting styles too.

By 2001, female MMA fighters began attaining popularity and success in Japan.

In the United States, female MMA competitions began ringing bells in mid 2000s. However, there is still no progress of female MMA competitions in other parts of the world. Yet, the popularity of MMA is bringing more women and girls to take enthusiasm and interest in various fighting styles.

Many girls prefer to join MMA training camps and gyms to learn various fighting styles including Muay Thai and Kung fu as this allows them to attain skills of self defense in difficult situations and these martial arts also help them to attain fit and toned body.

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