Fighting Techniques of Mixed Martial Arts

MMA or mixed martial arts began as a competition to check the effectiveness of various martial arts and fighting styles in unarmed situations. However, fighters realized that by mixing various fighting techniques, they will be able to use their physical strength in better manner and hence, they started mixing various fighting techniques to win against their opponents. Some of these fighting techniques such as Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai etc, offers better ways to use hands and feet properly to defend against the opponents while they also help in attacking them with elbows, knees, feet and hands in significant manner.

MMA or mixed martial arts fighters train themselves to use clinching styles of Judo, Greco-Roman wrestling and Sambo to clinch and defeat their opponents or to safeguard themselves against such grappling clinches.

In addition, mixed martial arts enthusiasts also take proper training to master fighting styles of Russian Sambo, Judo, wrestling, catch wrestling and other grappling techniques to make better use of their ground positions.

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