History of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is gaining huge popularity and nowadays, it is also known by different popular names including “Caged Fighting,” “No Holds Barred,” “Ultimate Fighting,” “Vale Tudo,” “Sougo Kakutog,” “Pride Fighting,” and other similar terms.

Combative skills have been used and praised since early ages. While fighting skills have been used in various serious wars, combative skills have also been used as an adventurous sport for fun of competition.

In Ancient Greece, people used to enjoy Pankration tournaments that were very similar to modern MMA competitions.

These competitive tournaments included fighting matches to show strength and it was considered as an Ancient Olympic Games sport. The fighting skills used in Pankration included grappling and wrestling while competitors were also allowed to strike each other.

Roman Empire also continued the traditional combative sports including Pankration and Greco-Roman Wrestling. On the other hand, unarmed combative skills were also being developed in the oriental world and Indian and Chinese martial arts were being developed to help soldiers in case they lose their weapons on battle fields. Ju Jitsu was special combative skill that was part of preparation for developing Samurai Warriors in Japan while certain elements of Ju-Jitsu were being practiced in ancient China about 2500 years ago. Similarly, Muay Thai with certain elements of Chinese and Indian ancient martial arts have been practiced for more than 2000 years.

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