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Victor Conte Statement about the Chael Sonnen Ruling by the Nevada State Athletic Commission

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From Victor Conte:

I am simply stunned that the NSAC granted Chael Sonnen a TUE for testosterone use for his UFC MMA fight today. My opinion is that this ruling is outrageous. The bizarre part is that the NSAC rendered the condition of testing him after his upcoming MMA fight to assure that his testosterone levels are not elevated. Anyone who understands how anabolic steroids work knows that an athlete does not perform at their peak while using steroids. For example, sprinters actually run much slower while on steroids because they cause muscle tightness. Steroids work by a process known as cell volumization and this makes an athlete's muscles tight or "pumped," which actually reduces functional muscle performance. The peak performance gains come 10-14 days after tapering off of testosterone. This is when an athlete becomes much more explosive and significantly faster. So testing an athlete at a time when he has tapered off a substance on purpose to maximize the performance benefits makes little sense. The period from 10 weeks out from a fight until 2 weeks out should be the targeted drug testing period. The NSAC seems to lack a basic understanding of the way testosterone is used by MMA athletes. I also highly question that Sonnen was being truthful when he testified that he had not previously used anabolic steroids or testosterone. I believe the ruling made by the NSAC in the Sonnen case was not in the best interest of combat sports/MMA and it will encourage other fighters to use this approach to circumvent drug testing.

Victor Conte

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