Why MMA Conditioning Training Is Important



MMA conditioning training is hugely important for any MMA trainee or fighter.

Mixed martial arts training relies heavily on martial arts conditioning exercises, and if your MMA conditioning workouts are not up to scratch, you will find out the hard way if you have not been using effective MMA conditioning exercises in your MMA training program! There are different aspects to training for conditioning, and you need to focus on all of them to become a great all round mixed martial arts fighter.

For example, you can't just concentrate on strength training in your MMA training workouts, or you'll be left without a lot of speed, which you will need to evade attacks easily and strike unexpectedly. On the other hand, practicing speed exercises will leave you without a lot of muscle strength to deliver those powerful hits.

MMA Conditioning Training

Variety is key to MMA conditioning training, and it's the most important aspect of it. You need to give a lot of attention to all aspects of your training, and not concentrate on just one area exclusively. Ideally you should follow a specifically designed MMA conditioning course like Ultimate Strength and Conditioning Training Program, which has been designed for UFC fighters and offers a number of MMA training techniques to get you into the best shape of your life! Because MMA conditioning workouts can be so brutal to perform, some people decide that they can simply learn to dish out a lot of damage with their punches and kicks, and concentrate on that.

When someone with this mindset fights against someone really quick and well conditioned, and fails to hit him once, or evade his hits, he is in trouble. This demonstrates pretty well why you need to pay attention to all parts of your training equally in order to succeed, and why conditioning training for MMA is important. The other thing is that if you know what to do, you can actually do a lot of your MMA conditioning by doing your MMA workouts at home.

MMA Conditioning Training Exercises

There are many MMA conditioning training exercises that you can use in your conditioning routine. As long as the exercises that you use target different areas of the body, and you push them as hard as you can during a set workout, you should be good to go! Basically a conditioning routine is a circuit routine where you do a certain number of exercises back to back with resting in between. This stresses your body and muscles enormously, which ultimately results in your body forcing itself to adapt to what you are doing. This adaptation will be vital when it comes to a fight.

The MMA conditioning exercises that you use in your workouts can be exercises that require weights such as dead lifts, squats, bench press, bent over rows, curls, and so on. You can also use exercises without weights such as pull ups, dips, pushups, bag work, crunches, and so on!

The key here is variety so that you target different muscle groups in your MMA conditioning training routine.

To train your speed by using a speedball, the one that sits about your head height. Punch it really fast and try not to miss any hit. Do this often enough, and you'll soon see how you're missing less and less. This puts an emphasis not only on your speed, but on your accuracy as well, making it a perfect combined exercise to use along with your MMA strength and conditioning workouts.

Speed can also be increased through the good old jump rope, though you need to vary both exercises, like we already established. An additional thing to do is to jump on the ground around lines that you've drawn. This can be done side to side, backwards and forwards, and at other different angles.

One important thing to note about MMA conditioning training is that it's no substitute for actual fighting.

You need to practice your skills on an opponent, and do it regularly to maintain a strong foundation of your skills. Find a good partner and train with them all the time. Wrestling and grappling techniques can be especially improved if you have a buddy to train with, so make sure you establish a good relationship with someone from your training group, and you'll be on your way to success.

If you find yourself lacking in one aspect or another, such as hitting hard, but not fast enough, give a little more emphasis on that aspect of your training. It won't hurt you that much if you practiced speed punches for a while, just make sure you don't neglect the other parts of your MMA training routine too much. We already established that variety is key, so make sure you give yourself enough of it – this is the most important thing when it comes to MMA conditioning training.


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