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Because mixed martial artists require virtually every type of physical attribute when it comes to strength and conditioning, there really isn't one "magic" MMA workout routine that you can perform that will always and forever top any other MMA workout routine.

Instead of getting hung up with finding the perfect MMA workout routine, have some fun and experiment! Depending on what exactly you want to train for in terms of strength and conditioning in a MMA workout routine, there are various types of routines you can follow.

The other day I visited a buddy of mine who is also a personal trainer and is currently training someone who was training to fight in MMA. He explained the workout he constructed for his client and how it covered all the types of conditioning needed in a MMA fight, and how the MMA workout routine covered all of the major muscle movements most used in repetitively in sports.

It was constructed as a circuit to be done 2-3 days a week, with the goal of completing the MMA routine in a shorter and shorter time period as the fighter improved his conditioning.

The exercises in the workout basically targeted the muscles most used in MMA and tied in both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.
Always one to experiment with new MMA routines, he agreed to take me through it. After completing the MMA workout routines, which took a little under 40 minutes with about 7 minutes of total rest throughout the workout, it taught me the importance of changing up your MMA workout routine often and frequently.

You see, I have been currently training my basic MMA workout routine strength and power with barbells, dumbbells, and some occasional sandbag training,

and have been training my conditioning with a mix of long distance slow running, interval training, uphill sprints, and rigorous 3 hour Brazilian jujitsu and MMA training sessions 3 times a week. I showed up to my buddies gym thinking I'd be in good enough shape to complete his workout with relative ease, but was surprised to find out how much I struggled to finish the last few circuits in the whole MMA workout routine.

The moral of this article is, like I stated earlier: there is no one magic MMA workout routine, and because the sport of MMA requires each physical attribute to be developed to its highest level, it is important to continuously change up your routine so that you are constantly challenging your level of strength and conditioning and never letting your body get too "comfortable" with one type of training.

Here's the actual MMA workout routine:

1.    12 burpees with medicine ball
2.    12 pull-ups
3.    12 bodyweight shoulder presses
4.    12 reverse rows
5.    12 single leg squats (each leg)
6.    20 push-ups
7.    30 second planks (elbows)
8.    30 second planks (top of push-up position)
9.    3 10 second sprints with 30 second rests in-between

This is ONE circuit, with each exercise to be done immediately after the other with no rest, with exception of in-between the sprints. Rest for 1 minute and then repeat the next circuit except only performing 11 reps for the first 5 exercises. Continue this circuit for 7 circuits, finishing off the last circuit with 6 reps for the first 5 exercises. Give this MMA workout routine a try, and see if you can beat my time of less than 35 minutes!


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2 Responses to MMA Workout Routine

  1. Kocim says:

    I’m sure there is a style that beats muay thai, but maybe not because it is tetber but rather because it plays on muay thai’s weaknesses. I doubt there is any one ultimate style, every one i know of has primary focuses, so as long as you are trained in a style that exploits the primary weakness of a style you can beat the mainstream of the figters in the style. As for what you are saying about muay thai stomping throgh the others, the only reason it would do that is because the other fighters were unskilled or only focused on their favorite moves i.e. TKD focuses on kicks, muay thai kicks legs out, an unskilled aikido person might only rely on whatever type of grapples and throws they do rather than doing strikes and taking advantage of the situation when they can do whatever it is they do, I’ve watched a lot of muay thai wins over other styles and all the guys in the other styles were just trying to focus on their favorite moves. you said somethin a flying kick if your kick is in the air, IMHO it is going to be a heck of a lot weaker than a grounded kick because you have nothing to get leverage and push off with. I’ve had people do flying kicks on me and they all just felt like pushes because basicly the people were just pushing off me, while if you are on the ground you have something keeping you in place so your hit goes forward instead of sending you backwards and I’m not pretending to be an expert this is all just simple logic. back to the thing about no best styles some of my friends can beat friends i cant beat in a fight, but i can beat the firends who beat the other friends I.E. my techniques keep distance and use my opponents momentum against them, my friend nathan is a lot stronger than me and stands up straight for most of his moves until he gets yme to the ground, so he has a good strong base and i cant do didly squat once on the ground his strength and groundfighting skills beat me. another friend, ryan, uses his weight against people. he weighs almost twice as much as me, so while he tries to use his weight to bring me down he does things like launching himself forward at me, so i pull and he falls flat on his face and i choke him out but my friend nathan pushes so he just gets bowled over and ryan just uses his weight instead of strength (this is a 280 lb guy, nathan is 170, I’m 160, once he is on top of us we dont stand a chance) to roll nathan on his side then just puts all his weight down which puts a ton of pressure on nathans chest and nathan taps out. ryan cant get me on the ground so i ebat ryan, ryan beats nathan, nathan beats me. get it kind of?EDIT: and each of us has our favorite moves . mine is the rear naked chokehold, nathans is an arm bar, and ryans is that chest one i was tellin u about.

  2. Lian says:

    Gday man. Im just wondering. Im in the 6foot 170 pnodus Cat. About 8percent bodyfat naturally. So I dont really have to workout to get muscle etc etc.Which I know a lot of people strive for. But I was just wondering about a nutrition diet/reshime, that you could direct me towards. That can fully lean down my upper body as much as possible .mainly my biceps, but still keep a good solid strong foundation on the lower body. (which is harder to keep muscle on) Cheers!

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