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To be a good mixed martial arts fighter, you need an effective MMA circuit training program which consists of specific MMA circuit training exercises, which are designed to offer the best results for the time and effort that you put into your MMA circuit training routine!

Endurance should be important to anyone who wishes to become an efficient fighter, and that's why you should spend a lot of time training yourself in various ways designed to improve on your endurance.

However, when I talk about endurance I don't just mean cardiovascular fitness, even though that should be a large part of your mixed martial arts training program. I am talking about muscular endurance, and this requires you to follow a MMA conditioning circuit. A conditioning circuit is basically an Interval MMA training plan where you have a set number of different exercises to perform, without resting between exercises.

MMA Circuit Training Exercises

Circuit training for mixed martial arts is hugely important for conditioning and endurance, so neglect this at your peril. Your MMA circuit workout should consist of a number of different exercises which focus on different body parts, so that you are targeting lots of different muscles at one circuit.

The exercises are usually a mixture of body weight circuit training exercises and weighted circuit training exercises, and there should be no crossover, for example if you do an exercise for your shoulders, the next one should be one for the legs or the core muscles.

If you don't understand the value of MMA circuit training workouts, then understand this. If you are more or less evenly matched with an opponent in regards to technical skill, it is going to boil down to who has is able to stay the distance of a UFC fight the longest.

This is going to depend on the stamina and muscular endurance each mixed martial arts fighter has, and the fighter who has performed more effective MMA circuit training exercises in his or her MMA circuit training workouts will be the one that is going to be left standing at the end of the fight,

There is no doubt that circuit training for MMA is a tough way to train, but it will be a lot tougher for you in the ring if you haven't done the right preparation. So make sure that you pick MMA circuit training exercises that are going to push you to the limit in your MMA training program, because your opponent will certainly push you to the limit!

You now know that the idea is that you have to continue the circuit until you can't take it anymore, then take a short break and resume. Your endurance and stamina will be heavily developed through this kind of circuit training plan, and you'll be able to sustain more damage and fight for longer without getting tired.

MMA Circuit Training Workouts

The circuit workouts that you use can be varied greatly in regards to the exercises, the number of exercises, and the time that you spend doing your routine.

As a warm up the jump rope is a good place to start, as it targets your reflexes as well as your speed. You'll be able to move around for longer, and your feet will become more accurate when you're frantically jumping around dodging punches and kicks. You should also get some sessions at the old-fashioned punch bag – the small kind, which normally trains your speed. Do long sessions of punches, but tone down the speed a little so you're able to maintain the exercise for longer.

Another part of your endurance circuit training for MMA should include regular pushups and pull-ups, and in general exercises which develop combined muscle groups. Do them at a slower pace, so that you're able to really stress your muscles.

MMA Circuit Training Routine

Here is an example of an MMA circuit training routine that you can use, but you can mix and match different exercises to suit yourself.

Bench Press – 8 reps with 60% of your maximum weight

Squats – 8 reps with 60% of your 1 rep maximum

Pull ups – 8 reps

Kicks – 8 kicks with each leg on a heavy bag

Dumbbell curls – 8 reps with each arm

Dips – 8 reps

Finish on the heavy bag where you punch constantly for 1 minute.

You can also change this MMA circuit training routine by not going for reps, and instead going for time. This way you do each exercise for as many repetitions as you can for 30 seconds.

MMA Circuit Training Prior to Competition

Before a match, you should take some time to prepare yourself with a short circuit session. Don't do as much as you normally do, or you'll be too exhausted to actually fight – but still, get yourself warmed up and active, it will be helpful entering the ring prepared. If you're already well warmed up, your opponent will have the disadvantage of having to warm up during the game, and you can approach him with better attacks initially.

In conclusion, I hope you know understand how important it is to focus heavily on circuit training workouts in your mixed martial arts training. If you work really hard in your MMA circuit training, you are definitely going to have the edge over an opponent!


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