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Any good self defense course needs to address the following issues.

There are a number of variables that are constant to any violent encounter and a self defense class needs to recognize and deal with each individually. Whether the crime committed is assault, rape, home invasion or car jacking there are certain predictable qualities that must be addressed for any self defense class to be effective. If we follow the steps involved in any crime we can better prepare ourselves for any potential threat to ourselves, our loved ones or even our personal property.

Self Defense

The first step that must be addressed is the selection process. At some point the predator selects his victim. Whether it is a woman walking alone, a person unaware of their surroundings or a home that is an easy target, the criminal chooses the next victim. It is very important to never look like a victim.

The second step is what we call at Be Prepared Self Defense is the 'closing the gap.'

This is where the predator moves in, either to break in and/or steal or worse. This can take on many forms from the interview, starting a conversation or asking for direction, etc. with the potential victim. This can also take the form of the surprise attack. People must be aware of their surroundings and also any stranger trying to make conversation. Beware also of the 'Good Samaritan' trick to close the distance between you and any possible threat.

The third step involves running. If in doubt or uncomfortable-flee the scene.

The fourth step is the demand and/or intimidation tactic used.

At Be Prepared Self defense we always teach that if the demand is simply for money then hand over purse, wallet, etc.

Never use physical force when simply handing over your valuables will avoid a violent encounter. Keep in mind there is a right and a wrong way to hand over valuables.

The fifth step only takes place when what the assailant is demanding is something you are not willing to sacrifice. At this point the physical tools learned in a self defense class come into effect. Never go with an attacker for any reason, if what your assailant has in mind cannot be accomplished where you are then moving to another location of their choosing can only be disaster for you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Always follow these simple self defense rules:

Rule #1 – Don't be there
Rule #2 – Run
Rule #3 – Run
Rule #4 – Run
Rule #5 – Hand over money and then run
Rule #6 – Never go with an attacker, fight and then run
Rule #7 – As a last resort use physical violence, and then run.

Self Defense




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Self Defense



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