Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques – The Key to Always Keeping the Upper Hand in Every Match


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a kind of martial art that proves how a person of smaller size can defeat an opponent who is bigger and stronger by using Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques properly and utilizing leverage.


When these different techniques are mastered, dominating a match no matter what the circumstances will be easy.


What's the significance of mastering Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques?


Most of the Brazilian jiu jitsu fights end on the ground, thus being adequately equipped with the needed skills or skills play a very significant part in defeating your opponent. Learning the various jiu jitsu techniques will enable you to fully understand the sport. It will teach you which techniques should be applied in specific positions to be able to take control of your opponent. Being able to take your opponent to the ground will give you the advantage and enable you to finish the fight.


What Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques should you learn?


Learning and mastering the numerous types of tactics will determine how well your performance will be in your future fights. It will give you the edge of how to quickly respond when you're being taken to the ground by your opponent; applying the right counter, escaping then taking down your opponent, and using powerful finishing techniques to force your opponent into a submission or tapping out.

Here's a List of 7 Various Types of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques That Often Contribute to Titles In the World of MMA…

Toehold – This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission technique is done by literally hyperrotating and hyperextending your opponents ankle by clutching the foot close to the toes then pushing or twisting it while controlling the leg at the same time.

Straight Leg Bar – This type of leglock is performed by over stretching the knee of your opponent and placing it between your arms and legs, resembling the posture of armbar technique.

Heel Hook – This technique is considered to be dangerous as aside from causing pain, the knee of your opponent will be twisted. Your position in this technique will be similar to shin or ankle lock.

Kimura Shoulder Lock – This type of technique is for stopping your opponent by exerting pressure between the wrist and shoulder while squeezing the upper body and shoulder of your opponent.

Rear Naked Choke – This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu submission technique eliminates the need for gi in performing your hold on your opponent, which is not similar to some strangulation techniques. You are positioned at the back encompassing the neck of your opponent either through your arms or hands.

Triangle Choke – This technique can be applied by encircling the arm and neck of your opponent using your leg. The posture resembles the shape of a triangle.

Guillotine Choke – This Brazilian Jiu Jitsu technique is either a blood choke or wind depending on how you will apply it on your opponent. In this technique you are in front of your opponent then you encircle the neck of your opponent using your arms.

When you apply these Brazilian Jiu Jitsu techniques on your opponent properly, you will surely have the upper hand on the match.

It's one thing to know and master every one of the most effective Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques in the book.

However your chances of winning a fight or match increase amazingly when you've got a strategy, taught to you by two of the world's most renowned MMA and Jiu Jitsu fighters and trainers.


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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu



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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


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