MMA Training – The Benefits of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai

Muay Thai training is beneficial to become a better mixed martial artist.

All MMA competition starts with both fighters standing up. It is good to understand how The training can improve your overall performance of a mixed martial artist. Knowing only one genre of fighting technique may not be enough in the ever growing, ever changing landscape of mixed martial arts. If anything,training for Muay Thai can benefit anyone. From beginner to expert fighter, this training should not be overlooked.

Before we talk about the benefits of its training, let us talk about the training regime of Muay Thai.

Muay Thai training usually requires a lot of cardiovascular activity such as running. Training usually does not require much weight lifting but training with a partner or by themselves. An expert practitioner may be required to run up to five miles for three times a week. This builds faster movements in the legs an arms.

Stretching is another important aspect of Muay Thai.

A typical day of training may require stretching to be the bulk of the whole class. Typical stretching may include the hamstrings and quadriceps. The biceps, triceps and shoulders are other parts of the body that needs to be stretched. From my own personal training I remembered that the hips were stretched often since a lot of weight would be used to push off from either throwing a punch or kick. Although initially it could be painful stretching is a key source of training for this practice. Stretching is also done after the end of each training. This was to ensure that the muscles were not sore after the training.

Shadowboxing with Muay Thai can lead to visualizing your opponent in real competition.

From doing feints to throwing a punch to proper footwork, shadowboxing helps the fighter become more familiar in competition. New techniques learned could easily be practiced without a partner and would provide a good workout. Shadowboxing also lets you easily practice combos such as the 1-2-3-4. A simple combination from boxing of the 1) Left Jab 2.) Right straight 3.) Left hook 4.) Right uppercut.

Muay Thai is a discipline that requires extensive training. It takes years to become an expert practitioner, but with proper training it could benefit any mixed martial artist. The benefits include improved cardio which could lead to better stamina and endurance. Shadowboxing is also a good way to learn and improve existing techniques. Please give this training style a chance and see if it will make you a better fighter.

Muay Thai



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