Building Blocks Of The MMA Diet You Must Get Right


MMA is still fairly new and we are still learning what is most effective especially when it comes to the MMA Diet.

Since a fighter sustains such a brief intensity of exertion in the octagon or ring they need to focus on getting their diet just right to optimize their strength and power for that time. This type of diet is not the same kind of diet that a marathon runner would have since they are looking for a long endurance level of nutrition feeding the body.

However, one of the most important elements of dieting is not for the actual competition or tournament but to continually renew your muscles and energy for your MMA training. One of the key elements of an MMA diet is to improve and strengthen the immune system so the body can regenerate as fast as possible after a training session. MMA training is known for the intense full body workout it delivers so there isn't only one or two muscle groups getting worked but the whole body which can lead to sickness and fatigue if not handled correctly.

In order to be at their elite level the fighter must pay as much attention to their MMA diet as they do their physical training. So, here are some crucial elements to help you get the most optimal diet for your MMA training.

MMA Nutrition and Diet

One of the elements that leads to the high level of intensity for the MMA athlete is their need to be peak at their cardiovascular level at the exact time they are getting into the octagon. Since MMA athletes need to build up their muscle strength, become muscular and lower their body fat, they must pay a lot of attention to their nutrition and follow the best MMA diet.

Weight management is a very important aspect of MMA diet plans. The weight class must be considered as well. When you have figured out whether you will need to cut weight for your fight you can now focus on the next level of your diet.

Diet & The MMA Components

The basic building blocks that should comprise the MMA diet are the following nutritional elements which we will dive into a little deeper: complex carbohydrates, proteins, essential fats, vitamins and minerals.

Complex Carbohydrates

Since it is critical for you to have energy to train you will need to load your body on high quality complex carbohydrates. Do not consume simple carbohydrates in your diet as this will take energy away from metabolizing the complex carbs which your body needs to replenish your energy as well as the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

Food that contain Complex Carbohydrates;

brown rice

whole grain cereals


Fats and Proteins

You can never underestimate the power of protein in your diet and although you can get protein from a supplement the best protein is found in foods and then you can use supplement to enhance the effects.

Some of the best proteins you can get are found in fish like salmon and mackerel. If you're someone who doesn't want to think about what they are having for lunch and supper then always plan on any kind of fish and you will be safe when it comes to re-building your bodies energy levels and replenishing your muscles so they can recuperate.

Food that contain Fats and Proteins:

egg whites


chicken breast

whey protein

dairy products


Dehydration is the enemy of the MMA athlete while in training camp, so you must stay clear of it at all costs.

When you actually become thirsty your body is already dehydrated so you must drink plenty of water and continue to drink it throughout the day. Because when your body is thirsty and telling you to drink water then it is already too late and you are minimally dehydrated. So, it is imperative that you continue to drink water and not pop or fruit drinks. If you have problems drinking enough water to keep you hydrated then a tip for you is to put a small amount of lemon or lime juice in the water in order to drink more.

So, most MMA fighters have the actual MMA training routines down but they mess up on the diet which hampers their progress. In order to be ready for the octagon it is crucial that you have a diet that renews and will replenish your muscles, body tissues, ligaments, and tendons on a daily basis after each training session.





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