Muay Thai Equipment

Muay Thai

Muay Thai is turning out to be a fascination to many of us nowadays with its close relation with martial arts popularized by the Chinese and with the Indochinese kickboxing.

Because of the reputation brought about by self-defence in both film and television, Muay Thai is becoming more prominent and so as its equipment. Appropriate Muay Thai equipment is required to have a safe long career if you are going to make way for a long time practice of it. Oftentimes, different facilities have varying equipment in use depending upon the capability of the person who will perform Muay Thai and the availability of the materials needed.

It is better to purchase your own Muay Thai equipment if you are planning to be a trainer or practitioner or even if you only want to master this art of self-defence.

Usually, the equipment offered in gym does not fit your physical strength and capacity. Considering proper hygiene, it is also not recommendable to use hand-me-down equipment for it may be stained with blood and sweat by someone who used it before.

Since clenching is one of the basic techniques in this sport, choosing a good hand wrap must be put into consideration in order to protect hands and wrists from injury. While punching, your hands are prone to harm and bag gloves are therefore required. Try to look for bag gloves which are not much larger than your own hand but just the one which looks just like the size of a boxing glove. Whether purposely or unintentionally, your mouth may be attacked for some time so be sure to use a good mouth piece. You may find a good one in several suppliers or you may ask for your dentist to make one for a surer protection.

Head gear is another essential Muay Thai equipment.

It ensures that no one between the two players will be seriously injured while sparring. Basically, it makes a player stays longer in the game. Shin guards, foot protection, protective vests, kicking pads and Thai boxing shorts are the other equipment used mainly to protect the players from any physical injury.

These Muay Thai equipment are generally provided for the safety of either trainers or players while sparring or even in some amateur events.

Know the good qualities of this equipment and where the affordable ones are available. Do not purchase equipment available at a low price but may cause you to break a rib or be bruised. Consider your safety and never be a bargain shopper.

Muay Thai




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