How To Win An MMA Fight – 3 Steps to Deliver a Beatdown

If becoming an MMA fighter is something you're becoming, it would be nice to know how to win.

We have a few steps to get you started on the winning road below.


Find an MMA Club.

There are many clubs out there that train all styles of martial arts. If you can, go to an all MMA class. Knowing the ins and outs of the other disciplines is encouraged, but they should be learned about outside of learning MMA. You need to train to fight, which means on the ground, on your feet, and everything in between.

This means that you should focus primarily on fundamentals that MMA fighters use to become our champions of today. These should be practiced thoroughly all together. All the other martial arts that really aren't being used yet are just not practical enough. They may be at some point just not yet.

Practice and Practice.

You can practice the flying arm-bar all day long. But is that going to win your fight as a starting MMA fighter, probably not.

You should be thoroughly practicing your jab-cross, take downs, take-down defence, and clinch game. Practice these tens of thousands of times.

We are actually talking about the fundamentals again. They are often neglected and to important to forget. The most dangerous fighters in the world practice these, day in day out over and over again. They have become the most dangerous opponents in the world.

Enter Competition.

After you have successfully practiced your MMA skills there are a few ways to begin competing.

One is to start in a modified fighting form at a martial arts competition such as modified pankration.

If you've practiced the fundamentals enough, and have your mental game down, then you're probably ready to fight. Find out the next actual fight to come up in your area and sign up.

The steps we've outline are of utmost importance. These are really only the beginning of some of the skills you can learn from an MMA training program.




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