What to Expect From MMA Training


During training, fighters are taught proper fitness procedure and given MMA training tips to improve their fighting style.

MMA fighters, both amateur and professional, are asked to follow certain training procedures depending on their weight class and strength. One of the most common adages by trainers and fighters alike are, eat less and move more. This is to maintain their weight in the weight class they are in.

Professional MMA trainers categorize fighters depending on their strength and skill, ground fighter, wrestler, or striker, so that proper MMA training can be applied.

The strength of ground fighters is the ability to force and grapple an opponent onto the ground where they apply their end-of-fight techniques such as joints locks or chokes. With this strength, fighters are taught in MMA training the basics of wrestling for proper and safe taking down and pinning of an opponent.

On the other hand, wrestlers have the strength for a takedown, using both grappling and striking techniques. The last kind of fighter is the striker.

Strikers are known to end and win a fight on their feet.

These categories are also considered as some of the basic skills or fighting techniques in MMA fights. The best MMA fighters try to combine all these skills for a powerful and effective fighting strategy.

It is also in MMA training that amateur fighters are taught with the core rules of the sport such as:

 No Biting
 No Eye-poking or gouging
 No Groin Attacks
 No Fish-hooking

These are to ensure that though MMA is a contact and physical sport, safety is always first.

MMA training also lets fighters learn how to apply the basic skills and techniques they learned in the training program through sparring and realistic situational drills in an actual MMA octagon cage. This prepares the fighter, physically and mentally, for tougher opponents and future fights.




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