What’s Breaking Your Fall? Putting Safety First When Choosing Mats For MMA


Interest in the sport of MMA around the world is escalating.

Competitive versions of MMA, such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship, captivate audiences of millions on TV and Pay-Per-View around the world. Is it any wonder then that many men and women are looking to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, and are taking up Mixed Martial Arts training?

As a physical sport, there's always a danger of getting hurt when training in MMA in its many forms.

Whether this is from an errant punch of kick, a submission hold being applied for a little too long, or form taking a bad landing, practitioners have a duty to themselves to make sure that they are training in a safe and secure environment.

Even with MMA training in break fall techniques, landing on a solid surface can cause severe injuries, both in the short and longer terms.

The available of a selection of MMA mats should help to alleviate this problem. Mats for Martial Arts aren't just necessary when training in a gym, sports hall or dojo. Many people now like to train and spar with a partner outside those times. It is very important to make sure that you're protected when training at home and mats for this purpose can be easily obtained.

When looking for an MMA mat, be sure to consider the thickness.

A standard gym mat is not designed for regular landings of the type that happen in MMA. A much thicker crash mat may prove useful in the very initial stages of training but is likely to not provide for solid footing during training for intermediate or more advanced Mixed Martial Artists. These could lead to rolling an ankle. Instead, you need to look for a mat that is custom designed for the sport. Anything less is not safe for the body.

Two main options are available. The first is a large floor mat, professionally prepared for MMA use. The other is to buy a set of jigsaw MMA mats, each smaller and designed to be slotted together. Although a large mat is much more convenient, jigsaw mats also have their advantages. The smaller floor area makes these more suitable for storage in a training facility where the floor is used for multiple activities. This may also apply for home users. Further, for those on a budget, it is possible to buy a small number of jigsaw MMA mats and then to upgrade by buying more at a later date. Because these are designed to a standard size and specification, it should be possible to continually increase the sparring surface area as budgets allow.

So, do think carefully if you are training in MMA, particularly if you are looking to train outside a class environment. MMA mats can prove an incredibly useful safety precaution and should be at the top of your list of items to buy.




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