The Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts For Your Child


What does the Ultimate Fighting Championships of 1993 have in common with MMA?

The answer is; they are responsible for bringing martial arts of different forms together. Parents and children alike in Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C are finding out that MMA is not just for adults, but are realizing that they are for both young and old alike. In the past martial arts was thought of as only an adult sport, but is quickly becoming thought of as a family sport with both parents and children enjoying it.

Parents are finding many benefits of MMA for their kids. Along with the physical activity kids are learning respect, discipline and self confidence just to mention a few. Kids with a lack of self confidence have shown dramatic changes in personalities after participating in martial arts classes. MMA, requires hard work both physically and mentally.

Of course there are kids who have watched too many MMA movies and think they are going to become Bruce Lee over night.


This is unrealistic thinking and those students may become disillusioned and end up quitting. However, if your child keeps their goals at an obtainable level, they can become a well rounded child with skills to boot. They come to realize that martial arts, is not just a sport but a way of life for those who are committed to the sport.

Parents should not get discouraged if their child wants to quit. MMA, is, as stated, a way of life and not the right sport for everyone. Others will excel at it quite nicely, once they are involved. In addition to the martial arts skills they learn, they also realize that their skills can be helpful in other sports. The skills we are talking about are their discipline and self confidence skills they learn in martial arts. The discipline, self confidence and respect aspects of martial arts can even project themselves in a child's grades. This becomes possible by remaining focused on one task instead of allowing their minds to wonder aimlessly.

Each child will learn a different lesson with MMA depending on their personality and their commitment.

The life changing experience of participating in MMA stays with them for a lifetime. In addition to learning discipline, self confidence, respect and humility, you child will find that they are more physically flexible, have more energy and be more physically fit than children their own age.

MMA, is more than kicking, punching and jumping. It is a way of life and a healthy choice that people make.

Putting your child in a position of learning a healthy lifestyle will remain with them always and help keep them well disciplined. The benefits of a child who participates in MMA are well defined and outweigh any misconceptions that MMA is a violent sport for bullies. It is a sport that brings together different forms of martial arts and all of their disciplines to complete your child as a person.

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