Learn the Three Deadliest Submission Moves in Mixed Martial Arts


Some fight fans do not fully appreciate mixed martial arts (MMA), claiming that it's boring and unexciting.


This is completely understandable coming from fight fans that typically enjoy watching boxing or other contact sports. It's highly likely that the reason they find MMA boring is because they love watching knockouts, which rarely happen in MMA competitions. However, if you're a true student of the game, your preference may lean towards submission moves. Submission moves may not be as glamorous as knockouts, but they are more rewarding if you know how to do them because they involve a lot more skill and strategy. Just as devastating as a knockout, submission techniques require more discipline and patience in learning to find the perfect timing for these.


There are many forms of submission techniques, but this article aims to discuss the four most effective MMA submission moves. If you master any of these, you can try it to the next guy who treats you like crap. He'll regret what he did and apologize within seconds, guaranteed.

Rear naked choke

Despite its odd name, the rear naked choke has nothing to do with being naked, but everything with rear and choke, as it is a form of a chokehold that must be executed from behind an opponent. When your opponent is facing away from you, usually when his back is turned on you, you can wrap one arm around his neck with your forearm pushing against one side of his neck and your bicep against the other. Then use your other arm to push against the back of his head. You can apply more pressure by simply pushing the back of his head harder towards your wrapped arm.


Most MMA chokeholds put pressure on a person's windpipe. This can take a while before putting the person to sleep.

The rear naked choke, on the other hand, pinches the carotid arteries, which supply blood and oxygen to the head. When done correctly, your opponent will tap out or lose consciousness within a few seconds. This is why this choking method is considered the quickest and deadliest technique in MMA.

This is one of the toughest moves to execute but will guarantee an instant victory when done correctly. The omoplata works like this; after putting your opponent in a Kimura hold, you should lift your leg over your opponent's shoulder and push under his chin. Then you should sit up, shift your weight, and lean forward so you can hyper rotate your opponent's arm. If you're on the receiving end of this submission technique, it is possible you'll scream in pain. Which is why if your opponent does not submit within a few seconds, it's very likely that he'll be suffering from severe shoulder injuries.

Triangle Choke

The term triangle choke was coined because the head is trapped between three limbs; the other person's two legs and his own arm doing MMA.

From the guard position, you trap your opponent's arm and pull it forward. Then put your leg opposite to the isolated arm behind your opponent's head and make sure that you lock that leg into place with your other leg. This makes your opponent trapped, and you can easily apply more pressure until the poor chap quits or loses consciousness.




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