The Key To The Best Self Defense


The combat guide tips for MMA self defense.

When it comes to the best MMA self defense methods many people have the notion that getting a black belt in some form of martial arts almost guarantees that you can defend yourself. In many cases a black belt may give you the edge or an advantage however it does not guarantee anything, in fact in some cases it can be a hindrance.

One of the challenges faced by modern martial artists, MMA included, is that most martial arts styles have been adapted for sport or competition.

Training for competitions does not prepare you for the mental and physical requirements when under attack in a life or death situation. Many would argue that MMA fighters are the closest thing to a real fight as possible so it must be the best MMA self defense method, unfortunately this is not true. No disrespect at all to MMA fighters, they are superb combat athletes with phenomenal endurance.

The problem is that MMA competitions are held in ideal environments, under ideal circumstances.


You are fighting ONE MMA opponent and you only need to protect yourself from attack, your loved ones are not at risk. You also do not need to be too concerned about getting hit in the groin, gouged in the eyes or hit in the neck. The fact that your opponent is wearing gloves means that most of your vital pressure points are fairly safe. Defending a punch that has a bright red glove or big black glove at the end of it is much easier than defending a bare fist or open hand. The lighting is perfect and the floor is flat and stable.

On the MMA street all of the above advantages are gone, they do not exist. You could be attacked by multiple attackers, grappling or taking ONE of them to the ground is NOT an option. You could need to protect a love one which changes your mindset considerably. Getting hit with extreme force with a bare fist is something that many martial arts have never experienced and when it happens to them on the street it's not uncommon for even experienced black belt to freeze in state of shock. Adopting a survival mindset and having the confidence to annihilate your attackers is essential, you need to know what techniques work and what can be applied under stress with adrenaline flowing through your body. Scary, right?

So then what is the best MMA self defense method?

I have yet to find a MMA self defense system that comes close to Tim Larkin's target focus training. This is hands down the best MMA self defense system you could buy online or attend live. All you need to do is take a look at some of the testimonials from even highly experienced martial artists. Target focus training is not about learning how to fight with good looking spinning kicks like Jean Claude Van Damme, it's about survival. Tim Larkin teaches you how to take out your attacker quickly and effectively. In my opinion this is the best MMA self defense system around.




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