The Importance of Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai

The importance of Muay Thai training when acquiring and maintaining any and all skills cannot be over stressed.

This applies to any area of human endeavor, however, in this article we will focus on the development of martial arts and combat sports skills such as Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts.

Human beings do not appear to have any instinctive motor responses and so any activity that we engage in, particularly pursuits that use movements that require complex motor nerve programming and the constant monitoring of external activity that will require the an alteration in response carried out by the skilled movement being performed.

This is especially important in combat sports such as Muay Thai and Mixed Martial arts where the opponent's actions are changing constantly and rapidly.

In order to learn the skills to prepare us for these sports we must train and we must train specifically for the task that we want to engage in, whether it be for business, sport, personal development or just leisurely interest.

The body movements themselves are under constant adjustment by feedback from the balance and tactile sensors with minute, precision adjustments being made rapidly and constantly. All these responses require Muay Thai training to develop the neural pathways. These pathways must be continually reinforced because over time they deteriorate and fade.


One of the first attributes that suffers when Muay Thai training drops off is the sense of timing.

Because the precision feedback requirements on the neuromuscular system are so precise when these pathways deteriorate, due to lack of use, the skill efficacy quickly fades again emphasizing the importance of Muay Thai training.

When learning any skill the difficulty is relative to the complexity of the skill and one thing that is very clear from experience is that you must train to acquire the ability. The higher the level of proficiency required or attained again is directly relative to the amount and quality of your training. Thus the quality of the training is another factor in determining the level of proficiency acquired.

Training is absolutely necessary in providing the knowledge required for any skill acquisition. This reduces the need to relearn a skill, strategy or way of doing something through trial allowing exponents to acquire the skills and knowledge of those that have gone before and resulting in ever greater achievements. It appears that for anyone to gain mastery in a skilled pursuit it requires 10,000 hours of practice in that pursuit and, of course, this is again dependant on the quality of the training that the practitioner undertakes and the quality of performance that they produce.

In addition training with a constant attitude of performing the very best that they can perform on the day is necessary together with an attitude of wanting to improve every time will produce very powerful and rewarding results.

One of the biggest setbacks to anyone learning is to learn a skill poorly and then try to perform it under pressure conditions, only to have it fail, and for the practitioner to either lose confidence and never attempt it again or lose belief in the value of the skill learned and so discard it.


This is a very important factor when training Muay Thai or Mixed Martial Arts. We must take the time to get the details carefully drilled and learned before subjecting the skill to a random, full competition or work demanding load.

Muay Thai

Another factor that is evident in the importance of training, in physical endeavors, is the role it plays on improving the physical factors involved in the skills execution. Activity specific training is necessary because it strengthens the muscles and increases the cardiovascular system's efficiency, so that energy can be delivered and wastes removed from the muscles engaged in the activity.

This improvement in physical efficiency also manifests itself in an improvement in mental function as the effects of fatigue are not felt as quickly or at the same intensity when compared with those that have a lesser degree of training. Training cuts the down the time required to make decisions; the more complex the task, and the higher the level of performance required, the quicker decisions have to be made. By training we can continually reduce the time to make decisions, increase the number of inputs that we can process, and thus increase the quality of our decisions. This results in faster and better decisions that, in turn, produce better performances.

The factors discussed in this article are not only applicable to combat sports such as Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts but also emphasize the importance of training in any knowledge based and skill requiring
activity that we engage in.

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Muay Thai



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