Muay Thai As a Sport

Muay Thai

Students of Muay Thai in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C. areas are usually viewed as strong muscular men.

However, anyone can learn Kickboxing and become good at, if for no other reason, your own self-protection. It was once used to train soldiers to protect their communities and themselves. It is an art form that is considered a mixed martial art.

Muay Thai is a professional sport in which most people enroll for the purpose of competing and becoming a champion. The deadly techniques that were once taught to ancient soldiers for protection are not longer used in today's Kickboxing. It is sanctioned to fit competition platforms and used in many self defense techniques.

The primary lessons taught today in Muay Thai are not only about the art of fighting, but you must know some of the culture of Kickboxing.

The Thai people believe to be a good Muay Thai boxer you must know something about the culture, rituals and superstition of the Kickboxing. This is because Kickboxing is only taught by a Thai qualified teachers and the culture, rituals and superstition can not be taught by them.

To find out whether Muay Thai is a sport you are interested in learning there are several things you must keep a few things in mind.

• Each martial art has their own unique way of fighting and is considered the best of its kind. Watching a Tony Jaa movie is not the real world of Muay Thai fighting although it does depict some of the Kickboxing philosophy. It is much more than this. It is history and beliefs in the arts. In these cases, the fighting techniques cannot be separated from this philosophy.
• If you have prior martial arts training, your knowledge will benefit you in Kickboxing. However, it is still necessary to learn of the culture and beliefs of the Kickboxing. With Kickboxingand other martial arts knowledge you can mix the techniques and get an excellent self defense performance.
• If you intend to become a grand master of Kickboxing you should first see if Muay Thai is the martial art for you.

Muay Thai is not only for men. In Thailand, there are many camps for lady boxers or Nak Muay Ying. They are organized specifically for training ladies primarily in the art of self defense.

Muay Thai

However some ladies learn Kickboxing to become contender in the sport. Thailand has numerous lady champions and thousands of Muay Thai boxers.

Contact your local Kickboxing School and request to sit in on a class to see if it may be something you would be interested in learning. Many of these schools have free classes you can attend to try it out before you sign any kind of contract. Take for example, Lloyd Irvin's, Mixed Martial Arts Academies, with locations in the Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC area, you have the benefit of signing up for a 30 day free trial. What better way to get started on Muay Thai Boxing than this.

Talk to the instructors and question them on the age requirements, see if there are any physical requirements and find out how to learn about the Thai culture, rituals and beliefs before joining.

Muay Thai



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