MMA Conditioning Drills – Build Strength, Speed and Explosive Power


Mixed martial arts or MMA as it is now more commonly known, is currently the world's fastest growing sport.

Almost every single country in the world now has an MMA club in it and many young kids are training MMA instead of training boxing or other sports such as football. Yet with this massive expansion of MMA all over the world many people are still ignorant to the rules of the sport and many still consider it to be no more than simply 'human cock fighting' in a cage. When the UFC (the biggest promotion in MMA history) first started out, it was billed as having no rules and that two men would enter the cage and only one man would leave.


Very few of the fighters training in any form of MMA conditioning drills to get in peak condition before their respective fights

Some peoples impressions of the sport have unfortunately stayed at this level since the sport began and may take a lot of time to change. For me personally I actually agree with people when they say that back in UFC 1 it was nothing more than a spectacle and in no way was it a sport. Injuries were common and as I can remember in UFC 1 there was 1 broken arm, 1 broken ankle and teeth knocked out in 3 separate fights. It was almost barbaric to watch.

Since those days the UFC has been purchased by a new company that completely changed the rules of the sport and brought it to a main stream audience and to main stream television.

MMA now rivals some of the biggest boxing promotions in the pay per view buys and can sometimes even out sell them.

As with any sport there is an amateur level of MMA and these fighters must undertake MMA conditioning drills if they are to stand any chance of one day becoming a professional fighter. Unlike other sports such as football or basketball, becoming a pro MMA fighter is somewhat more likely although the pay scale is very poor at the start of your career.

MMA Conditioning Drills – Circuit Training


Cardio Work – Squat jumps – Starting this exercise from the prone press up position.

Compound Exercise – Chin up, wide grip and palms facing away form your body, targeting the back muscles and the lats more. This is probably the best exercise in these MMA conditioning drills.

Cardio Work – Shuttle runs – twenty meters is best.

Compound Exercise – Standing dumbbell shoulder press. Also know as standing military press

Cardio Work – Sprinting on spot- Bringing your knees up high and touch them off your hands.

Compound Exercise – Press up, keep your elbows in tight to your side to target your triceps.

Cardio Work – Jumping jacks.

Compound Exercise – Bent over row, palms facing away from the body. I find this way to be much better to target your upper back and compliments the rest of the MMA conditioning drills circuit.

Cardio Work – Jump over step or jump over and back the line from side to side.

Compound Exercise – Squat with heavy dumbbells. This completes the MMA conditioning drills circuit.

These type of MMA Conditioning Drills circuits are the best for developing strength, speed, explosive power and an all round level of fitness. Most of the exercises in the circuit are doing in the push and pull technique which is thought to create massive improvements in functional muscles.




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