Martial Arts and Self-Defense Training Without Self-Control

martial arts classes

What happens when you train in the martial arts classes or study self-defense, learn techniques designed for damaging human beings, but never develop the master's trait of self-control.

This story is true and highlights how, through our own lack of self-discipline, we can cause more damage to ourselves than we ever feared from an attacker in a self-defense encounter during martial arts classes.

Today, I have a high number of parents bringing their children to me, along with many adult students, looking for lessons in self-discipline and self-control in martial arts classes. The reason is because, even for the uninitiated members of the general public, the image formed when you think of a martial arts classes or someone learning self-defense includes that of a highly disciplined person.

But, it wasn't always this way. In fact, we still have practitioner's today who have missed the lessons of humility, discipline, respect, and self-control as a part of their martial arts classes. And, those who do talk about learning and practicing self-control, are usually talking about the discipline that makes them practice or attend martial arts classes on a regular basis. Watch one of the popular mixed martial arts (MMA) or other fight-challenge programs, and what you'll see are people who brag about their abilities, bad-mouth other people, and routinely get themselves into fights outside of the ring.

The story that I'm about to tell you is one-hundred percent true it regards with martial arts classes. It actually happened to me. And the most amazing things were that:

martial arts classes

1) The attacker was a black belt martial arts classes who professed to be learning self-defense, and…

2) I was an on-duty police officer at the time!

I kid you not!

When we arrived at the scene, what we found was a soldier who was VERY drunk at martial arts classes. The man was not only taller than me by almost four to six inches (I'm 5' 6"), but he was also very muscular. The officer on-duty for that unit was trying to calm him down, and my partner and I were attempting to find out why he was ranting and raving when we arrived.

At the sight of two armed police officers entering the area, it was almost if a switch had been thrown in this man's head – a switch that triggered the personality in martial arts classes.


Because, as soon as he saw me, he locked on and headed straight for me on martial arts classes. My partner was busy trying to get details from other witnesses so we could use the information in a way that would de-escalate the situation and get the man calmed down.

Before the soldier got within reach of me, he suddenly stopped and realized that I had shifted my position to prepare martial arts classes for whatever was to come. I never broke eye contact (never a good idea, especially against someone who is trying to dominate with their spirit and intensity), and when he saw this, he stopped and his demeanor changed.

I outwardly congratulated him on earning his black belt in martial arts classes while inwardly thinking that it never a good idea for a black belt to get intoxicated. There's way too many things that can go wrong and, with the alcohol coursing through your system, regardless of how "well" you feel, the fact remains that you simply will not have the same coordination, control, or focus should you be attacked in martial arts classes. And besides, wouldn't that be the perfect time for someone who really wants to take you out to attack in martial arts classes – when you aren't functioning at a hundred percent?

To this martial arts classes, I took a step back and assured him that I wasn't trying to intimidate him. As he continued to point out the weapons, I told him that I'd hand my nightstick and helmet to my partner.

All because he never learned the first lesson – the first level of self-defense – respect and self-discipline.

martial arts classes



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