Turning Weakness Into Strength, MMA Fighting Techniques


There are dozens of techniques in mma fighting and few can master them all. Most guys come from one of the main disciplines; boxing, wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu etc and so they have distinct strengths and weaknesses.

A wrestler will want to get in close and get to the floor at the first opportunity, a boxer will prefer to stay upright and use a combination of hands and knees to exercise control of the MMA fight. Whoever you are and whatever your background you will need to work on your core strength to maximise this area but you will also and perhaps, more importantly, need to hone your skills in the areas where you are weak.

Everyone has weaknesses no matter how seemingly unbeatable and it’s ensuring that you have a fully rounded MMA training program that will ultimately bring you success in your fighting career.

Turning weakness into strength is key to MMA; how many times have you witnessed fighters who look like they’re beaten suddenly turning the tables by using Houdini style escape moves and who have the ability to apply and execute brutal MMA locks, even when in a vulnerable position.

All this comes about through MMA proper, structured training and learning specific skills such as unseen choke moves, quick kill takedowns, Muay Thai techniques and so on.

These skills are difficult to explain so you need to see how it’s done and watching MMA masters of the art on your computer or laptop is a really good way to learn. These mini demonstrations can now be accessed on your mobile phone so you could learn while you were waiting for a train or in your hotel room. In fact wherever you happen to be!


Whatever your aims and objectives we can help you to achieve them; whether you want to learn about circuit training or any technique like MMA submissions, takedowns, ground-n-pound, striking etc you need this awesome, tailored training program that can be learned and honed on your terms.

This works especially well if you are a long way from a gym, can’t afford the fees, or you’re just too busy to get there. Thousands of guys have benefitted from this course.




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