Best Martial Arts For Physical Fitness

martial arts

Martial arts are not just for learning to fight for competing in the octagon or defending yourself in the street. Practicing martial arts is actually one of the best ways to improve your physical fitness.

Not just for looks either (which will come naturally) but to actually be in good condition. Practicing most martial arts offers cardio conditioning, strength training, better balance and flexibility and best of all will definitely help you cut fat and get the beach body you have been dreaming of. So which of the martial arts offers the best options for improving physical fitness?

Muay Thai is known as one of the most brutal forms of the martial arts, using deadly knee and elbow strikes to deliver full contact blows on opponents

However in competition, a lot of weight is given to the contender with the best conditioning, not just their skill. You would certainly find it hard to come across any obese Muay Thai fighters that´s for sure. So forget the fat farm, book yourself into a month long intensive Muay Thai course in Thailand and you will come back a lean mean fighting machine.

martial arts


While Krav Maga is not known for being so acrobatic as other fighting systems of martial arts, it´s work outs certainly make sure you leave everything you have got in the classroom.

Many a body builder or black belt in other martial arts have found themselves running to the bathroom vomiting after 10 minutes into their first class, followed by curling up in bed for a couple days. Not for the faint heart but taking up Krav will definitely mean sweating off a few pounds a week.

Tae Kwon Do is known for it´s high flying kicks and acrobatic movements of martial arts.

Training in Tae Kwon Do will definitely help you get more flexible and agile. Besides just practising individual kicks and strikes, Tae Kwon Do´s extensive forms will definitely help cut fat and give you a good overall workout without bulking up too much.

The list doesn´t end here, but you get the idea. Join the most hardcore martial arts class you can find and make sure you show up at least 4 times per week. Before you know it you won´t even recognize yourself in the mirror, and you will feel great too. If you are a real warrior run or ride your bike back and forth to class too.

martial arts



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