Costs of Self Defense Classes


Budget is one of the main factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether you will enroll in a MMA class or not.

Each type of MMA classes has different sets of costs. Of course, one thing you have to know is the cost for the MMA training fee. You also have to consider the gear and armor suits to buy if you have finally decided on the kind of MMA training you would like to go into. Before you sign up for a self-defense class or MMA, make sure that you have enough budget for it. Here are some of the costs of the training fee for MMA lessons:

• On the average MMA, you can expect to pay at least a hundred and fifty dollars ($150) to almost five hundred US dollars (500 USD) every month for a personal defense class.

• If you want to go to a reputable and popular self-defense school, expect to pay at least two hundred and fifty US dollars ($250) a month. Some have a registration fee that you have to pay beforehand, separately from the monthly training fee.


• Some masters of MMA also offer home teaching services. Depending on their expertise, they can charge for at most $1500 just for a month. They will be the one to go to your house to teach your kid the martial arts he or she wants to learn.

• Some experts teach MMA in their own garage at home and it would be a lot cheaper for you to enroll your kids in this kind of training setup. Most of them only charge their service for at least seventy-five US dollars ($75). This is much cheaper because the instructor owns the area so he or she does not need to rent a room or a place anymore. Lesser expenses for the MMA instructor mean lesser expenses for you, as well.

• Several  MMA or self-defense schools charge on per day or per hour basis. There are schools offering private classes that will give you a free introductory program and then charge you $40 an hour for the next level of the class.

• Just a tip about MMA, you can actually save more if you will enroll with a bunch of friends because most  MMA training classes offer discounts if you enroll in a group.
You have to prepare financially first before enrolling in a certain type of personal defense classes. Make sure that you will be responsible in paying your monthly or daily training fee so you would not have anything to worry about while in the middle of the MMA training period.





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