MMA Conditioning Workouts – Training to Last, Look Fit, and Be Fit


A proper MMA conditioning workout is needed if you are associated in the field of MMA.

Of course this is necessary to prepare your body for the intense physical activity ahead of you. There are many kinds of workouts related to MMA, and all have specific purposes. Some will help you improve your boxing skills, while others will improve your cardio allowing you fight up to five rounds.

Cardio is one of the most essential parts of an MMA conditioning workout. And this is the first thing on our list for our discussion.

For an MMA fight where no championships are at stake, you are required to fight for 3 rounds, each round 5 minutes long with 1 minute breaks in between. That means you will fight for a total of 15 minutes with only 2 minutes of breather. This is the reason why you need to improve on your cardio.

Running is one of the most recommend (along with live sparring) MMA conditioning workouts to achieve this, since it will increase you cardio well and keep you in tip-top shape for the whole 15 minutes of action.

Of course, when you are fighting with a championship on the line, you have to battle for 5 rounds with each round 5 minutes in length. You won't always be fighting this types of fights but if you can last for 25 minutes in an MMA fight, then lasting for 15 is a piece of cake. It is noteworthy to know that often fighters lose fights not because of their lack of abilities, but because they run out of gas during the latter stages of the fight.

One of the better MMA conditioning workouts around is with the use of the heavy bag used for punching and kicking. This workout will help you improve the strength of your legs and hands and also improve your MMA ability in striking. If you don't do this, throwing punches and kicks in an actual fight will hurt every time, which may cause you to lose your focus and may even cost you the match.



Most successful MMA fighters are able to throw strikes, punches or kicks, repeatedly without feeling any pain because they put in work to strengthen their hands and legs. This characteristic is also essential with one of the better MMA workout, which is sparring.

Of course, you can practice all you want, but the best way to gauge how far you've progressed in your MMA conditioning workout is by testing your skills with another fighter, pitting your skills against his. It would be wise to test your skills first by putting in hours of sparring in your MMA workout before your actual fight.




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