Muay Thai classes in Fort Worth Texas – A Glimpse of What the Classes will Offer

Muay Thai

For those in Fort Worth Texas who desire to acquire martial arts skills or combat sport such as Muay Thai, Muay Thai classes in Fort Worth Texas presents you with the best option.

Muay Thai is a combat sport that originated from Thailand. This combat spot uses standup striking, including wide range of clinching techniques. Kickboxing has increased in popularity in recent decades. The major reason is the exposure from the world of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting. Indeed, muay thai has become very popular among MMA pros, and the art is seen as one of the top effective fighting styles for MMA. In addition to its popularity among MMA professionals, muay thai kickboxing has also become a favorite sport for people looking to lose substantial weight in the shortest time possible.

Since the art is now widely sought after, you will find Muay Thai training centers in different locations and Muay Thai classes in Fort Worth Texas is one of such.

Second to only Brazilian Jiu jitsu, Muay Thai is among the most practical martial arts, and one of the fastest growing martial arts as well. A good number of Mixed Martial Arts schools and training centers are increasingly incorporating Muay Thai into their course outlines. 

Muay Thai kickboxing involves two categories of techniques, the major techniques and the minor techniques.

Essentially, Muay Thai is usually a fighting art of attrition, involving exchange of blows between opponents. However, this old style of fighting is almost not in practice when it comes to contemporary kickboxing. Currently, virtually all Muay Thai techniques employ the whole body movement, punch, rotating the hip along with kicks, elbow and block. Also, fighters may use clenching  as a technique for staying in control and perhaps dishing out more strikes.
Typically, the kickboxers employ the shin of the leg since it is stronger compared to the foot. Also, the shin is helpful in blocking low leg kicks. One of the training you will get in the course of Muay Thai classes in Fort Worth Texas is “Shin Conditioning”. The myths about the proper way to execute shin conditioning are quite many. However, practitioners are in love with the repeated kicking method that uses heavy bag. Bear in mind that shin conditioning in Muay Thai kickboxing should be done in accordance to a professional’s instructions or guidelines.
Defense Against Attacks

In Muay Thai, defense against attacks are grouped into six categories;

Blocking: This is the technique used by the defender to stop a strike in its path, so that the strike is prevented from reaching its target.

Avoidance: this defense mechanism involves moving a part of the body off the range or way, so that the defender will continue to stay in range to release a counter strike.

Redirection: this is the defender’s soft parries to alter a strike’s direction, with the end result of the strike missing its target.

Evasion: with evasion defense technique, the defender’s body is moved out of range of a strike or way, so that counter attack would be launched by moving closer again.

Anticipation: when a defender catches a strike or counters it before it reaches its target, the defense technique is called anticipation.

Disruption: attack pre-emption is known as disruption

Muay Thai classes in Fort Worth Texas has all the details and much more to offer you.

Muay Thai



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