UFC 137


BJ vs Diaz

If BJ fights a smart MMA fight and takes nick down I would bet on BJ but if He chooses to fight a stand up fight I think it would be like flipping a coin on who is going to win with the edge going to Nick. Nick is busier with his hands and has the longer reach. Both guys have great chins. But I do think BJ is the better BJJ Fighter then Diaz along with his wrestling also being better!

Kongo vs Mitrione

Kongo is the more know MMA fighter but I think the unknown Mitrione will ground an pound his way to victory! Kongo has had problems  and has definitly improved in the last few years but I still think it is his biggest hole in his game. 

Cro Cop vs Nelson

If this MMA fight was happening 5 years ago I don't think anyone would have bet on Nelson. But it isn't in this one it really could go several ways. Cro Cop has had problems with the new bigger Heavy Weights in recent years. But Nelson isn't one of the bigger ones. With that being said I really think Cro Cop chin is gone and he could be put down by one of Nelsons big over hand rights. Wrestling is another way that Nelson could win this fight taking Cro Cop down and ground and Pounding him. So I am going to give the edge to Nelson in this one.


The fight that I am most excited about is the Main event. It is unfortunate that we lost the main event of GSP vs Condit but BJ vs Diaz should be a great fight. Simply becuse both guys come to fight they don't run or dance away so there should be fireworks with this one. 

Travis Lutter





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