Cage-fighting children prompt strong reaction

Yahoo News: LONDON (AP) — Britons are reacting with a mix of condemnation and cheers to footage that shows an organized Cage Fighting between two boys, one 8 years old and the other 9.

Police launched an investigation after video emerged of the fight at Greenlands Labour Club in Preston, northwest England, on Sept. 10.

Video posted on the Internet shows the boys grappling and wrestling, watched by dozens of adults.

The government's sports minister, Jeremy Hunt, has called the images "barbaric."

But club manager Michelle Anderson says the boys were never in any danger, and police said Thursday that they would not be charging anyone over the Cage Fighting.


Parents that are putting there kids in Cage Fighting I think are bad for the sport. MMA shouldn't be done between anyone except adults will fully develeped Brains. A childs brain doesn't full develop until the age of 17-18 years old. Head Trauma in Children can lead to problems health problems. Real Sports on HBO did a program on Children in Soccer can have head Trauma.  Head Trauma in kids is a serious subject that I think parents need to take seriously. Don't put your son or daughter in a program where they put your child in Cage Fighting with little gloves to hit another kid in the head. This is different from other combat sports in that a child can hold another child down and punch them in the head. Check out any Martial Arts Program that you are going to put your son or daughter into to make sure that they will be safe at all times.

Travis Lutter

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