The Mayweather Ortiz fight on Saturday.

The Boxing fight Mayweather vs Ortiz had a very controversial ending.

As a fighter who has been in the cage I have to say that the first thing is to defend yourself at all times. When the ref gives you the sign to fight it is on regardless if it is Boxing or MMA. I don't think you can blame the ref or Mayweather.

The ref should have sent Mayweather to a neutral corner corner when he took the point but he was very clear in telling the fighters to fight. It isn't Mayweather fault that Ortiz didn't put his hands up. His job is to follow instructions which he did. The only person to blame is Ortiz. He failed to defend himself. I have saw fighters who attempted to shake hands/touch gloves at the start of a fight be knocked out. It isn't against the rules of Boxing but it is dirty. I always thought it was my job to defend myself in the cage. So in-conclusion I don't think Mayweather broke the rules, but in mind it was dirty!

With that being said what was Ortiz thinking!!!!!! He has to just be kicking himself over and over. He was obvisiouly frustrated before being knocked out. I would guess that is why he tried to headbut. Anger never works in a fight. If you aren't thinking clearly then you make mistakes. So the lesson is anger isn't the answer in a fight. 

Travis Lutter 





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