The Current State of MMA

I think that the current State of MMA is both exciting and Scary.

Exciting because with the UFC going on Fox, this is going to Showcase MMA to a whole new audience. This will change MMA making the UFC even more Money. Some of this money will trickel down to the fighters.

Please keep reading to see what I think the current state of mma is.

Scary because there is only one major MMA organization left, the UFC. This is bad for the average MMA fighter because there is less MMA organizations left to fight in. The top MMA fighters (who I think are underpaid) will still make Millions. But the MMA fighters that this will hurt the most are the guys that can't quite make the top. Guys who are fighting 3 times a year on a good year $50,000. which sounds like decent money until you consider how short a fighters career is and how much wear and tear they are going to put on there body. These guys are heading events making millions of dollars for the UFC but being paid pennies in return. 

Travis Lutter





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