Steriods in MMA


I have fought in MMA since 1998.

I am a ex UFC fighter having won the Ultimate Fighter 4, and fought MMA all over the World. I cornered fighters in Pride back when Pride was the place to be in the MMA World. In that time I went from I wonder if this guy or that guy was on steroids in MMA, to that guy has to be, to I know they are but I just don't understand how they are getting away with it fighting MMA. This includes UFC, Pride and various other MMA events.

And finally to that is how they do it. I knew when I was fighting that some of the guys that were standing across the MMA Cage from me were on steroids. But I had no idea that some of them were on but doing it within the rules of MMA. In my opinion it is legal cheating that guys that are doing this have found a loop hole thru the system to legally be stronger, faster, and in better shape then everyone else in MMA. I have a friend who is around my age and he actually does have low testosterone. But the crazy thing is he keeps his numbers around 800-900 and the difference it makes is just crazy but he isn't a MMA fighter. So when you have a World Class Athlete that starts using them to keep there level right in under 1000 to be legal it just isn't fair to the guys that aren't using. I know some people are going to say well he has this or that reason. But it isn't fair to the guy that isn't using it they are going to recover as fast be able to train harder. And enjoy a longer MMA career because they are abusing the system. I for one think it is wrong to put two guys in the MMA cage and one be on and the other one is natural. I wonder how many MMA fights would have went the other way had one of the guys not been on steroids. Or how much shorter would some other guys' MMA careers been if they weren't.

Travis Lutter





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