Question from a New Blue Belt!

One of my students asked the question to several different instructors on Facebook. Do you have any advice for a new BJJ Blue belt?


Here are some of the answers.

Hi, Mr. Musa!

You train BJJ for a reason, to become a better student, with improved skills, and eventually a better individual, more confident and enthusiastic.
What you learn to get to blue belt is quite a journey. Make sure you keep the same passion as you now open the way for an even higher rank, when that time comes.
As long as you share, stay focused, and keep learning, a new rank will be a stepping stone to another, not a destination in itself.
Wish you all the best, and congratulations!

Carlos Machado


Go to every class you can. Try every submission you see. Don't forget what BJJ white belt was like. Look for improvement in every detail of everything.. From your belt knot to back escapes. 


Wesley Gann


The advice i have for you Musa is that:
Lot of new bjj fighters looking for fancy things but lot of times forget about the fundamentals.
The basic things gonna work forever and if you have good fundamentals everything will become easier for you.
All the best fighters in the world have really good fundamentals and doing only basic things. Just to remind you:
Roger Gracie, Saulo & Xande Ribeiro, Rodolfo Vieira, Amaury Bitteti, Mario Sperry, Renzo Gracie, Rigan Machado, Fabio Gurgel…no many more…and the #1 Rickson Gracie is the best example of this.
Congrats on your blue belt. I hope we roll soon.
Thanks all the coachs for nice advices.
All the best for everyone.


Bruno Bastos


Congrats on the BJJ Blue Belt. To everyone who has given advice very nice. I think the the thing to remember is the goal isn't blue it isn't purple or brown it is black! This should motivate you to train more, to train harder! Also don't start keeping score worrying if you are losing to someone that isn't ranked as high as you. This is just the first step in your journey to being the best you can be. To master something takes 10,000 hours! Or basically 10 years!!!! Congrats again!!!


Travis Lutter


I thought these answer may be useful for upcoming BJJ students begginer to advanced students…..

Travis Lutter




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