I am starting a new class called kickboxing and kettle bells. Paul Halme my friend and student developed this program and I am using it to help people learn kickboxing while they get in crazy shape. The new discovery he made proved to be pretty amazing at getting people in shape and melting fat off the body.  It is a combination of kickboxing and kettlebells!  Its a fun workout that flies by.

If you have never worked out with Kettlebells, you are in for a treat. Add that with Muay Thai Kickboxing and you have a Fat Melting workout.

This class is great for the beginner all the way up to advanced.  That is the awesome thing about kettlebells, anybody can do it! 
I am looking for a small group of people who are interested in burning a lot of fat in 30 days and learning kickboxing. If you think you would be interested in joining th Kickboxing and Kettlebells program and getting awesome results in 30 days.

Right now we have the class starting on Tuesday the 24th, This class will be on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:00am at the Downtown location. Call 817-781-4243 to reserve your spot.

Thank you,

Travis Lutter  

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